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Fitness programs that empower Native American people

NAFC empowers Native Americans — youth, adults, and elders — to improve their fitness through a variety of cutting-edge programs. We build confidence in everyone who attends, including those with physical limitations and emotional obstacles. Better health means better life — and we believe in changing lives.

NAFC offers Fitness Instructor Certifications that train Native Americans to be fitness leaders in their communities. We not only “Train the Trainers,” but we also offer programs for Youth and give Motivational Presentations to Native communities.

In fact, all of our programs are motivational. Our highly skilled instructors use hands-on practice, storytelling, simple language, and visual demonstrations to teach fitness principles. We've used these same principles successfully with top fitness companies, Olympic athletes, and professional sports teams.

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Attend NAFC's Native Youth Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer certifications Spring of 2018 ... more information!

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