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Brian Laban [Hopi/Tewa] :: Director of Training and Instruction

Brian Laban’s unique background combines traditional fitness with the martial arts. He is a National Impact Award winner for his efforts in motivating Native American people to live active, healthy lifestyles. His achievements include serving as martial arts coach for the North American Indigenous Games. Brian received his education at Westminster College, Northern Arizona University, and Yong in University (in Korea). He is also certified as a personal trainer by the Cooper Institute. Brian enjoys working with people and says, “My first realization of the impact I was making came from an elderly woman who thanked me for giving her life back. After that I began to look at what I was doing from a different perspective.”

Elfreida Barton [Navajo] :: Group Fitness - Lead Instructor

Elfreida Barton infects those who attend her trainings with her passion for health and fitness. A former instructor for the American Council on Exercise for the Navajo Nation, she earned a BS in Exercise Physiology and Physical Education from Arizona State University. In addition to building confidence in her workshop participants, Elfreida especially enjoys developing choreography for NAFC’s fitness and hip hop classes. In fact, she makes fitness so much fun that people forget they’re exercising! 

John A. Blievernicht :: Executive Director

John Blievernicht brings a distinguished background to NAFC. This Consultant to Nike and Life Fitness has lectured on five continents. He has been recognized for his work in the sports/fitness industry with awards from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Strength & Conditioning Association and the U.S.A Community Olympic Development Program. He has a Master's degree in Education from Concordia University (Chicago). A certified kinesiotherapist and enthusiast of mountain sports, John says, “I especially enjoy working with youth and the disadvantaged, helping them attain their full potential as athletes and people.”

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