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A sporting lesson illustrated

Ask John Blievernicht about the importance of training young athletes and his answer will sound more like lessons for life than ways to improve your vertical jump or your time in the 40-yard dash.

A world-class performance trainer, Blievernicht believes the virtues gained through training provide a blueprint for success in other areas of life. “Training and exercise teach you that you get out of any pursuit what you put into it.”

For years, the kind of training Blievernicht provides has been reserved for a privileged few. He has trained tennis great John McEnroe, NBA all-star Antoine Walker, Super Bowl champions quarterback Jim McMahon, and hall of fame linebacker Mike Singletary, as well as a host of other professional and Olympic athletes.

But now, Blievernicht wants to take his training programs to the whole community. “We have a great opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives, especially youth. We take the elite-level workouts of pro athletes and develop great programs for everyone, youth through elder.”

Blievernicht also applies training principles to shape attitudes and build character. “We teach about the importance of positive lifestyle behaviors and try to instill in youth the sport-related values of teamwork, dedication and responsibility. Young people are easily influenced. If we reach them early, we can help them learn to train the right way and even make the right choices in life.”

“When I speak to teachers and coaches I tell them, ‘You are probably the most important person in one of your student/athlete’s lives. You may not know who it is, but you have to act as if it is every one of them because one young individual out there is looking up to you, taking in every word you say.’ Teachers, coaches and all of us who work with children have to remember that, if we are going to make a difference.”

And, for Blievernicht, this is the most important lesson of all!

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