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NAFC has presented hundreds of programs to Native American communities, organizations, and schools.

Indian Health Services - Federal Health Program

Native Fitness Nike Events (10 years plus)

Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project

Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tirbes of Montana

Colorado River Indian Tribe

Seminole Tribe of Florida

The National Diabetes Prevention Program

WINGS of America - American Indian Youth Development Programs

Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas

The Northern Ute Tribe

Havasupai Indian Tribe

Choctaw Tribe of Olahoma

Quinault Indian Tribe

Puyallup Tribe

The Hopi Health Care Center

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Jicarilla Apache Tribe

Colorado River Indian Diabetes Prevention Program

Crow Indian Tribe

Diné Wellness Alliance

Montana Native Youth Program

Quechan Indian Tribe

Native Americans for Community Action

Navajo Coordinated School Health Program

Gila River Indian Community

Kansas Kickapoo Tribe



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