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We're passionate about empowering fitness leaders in Native American communities.

NAFC was established in 2004 with the mission of empowering Native Americans through exercise education. Cofounders Brian Laban, Elfreida Barton, and John Blievernicht recognized a need for knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced Native American fitness instructors. But their vision didn’t stop there: These dedicated professionals developed programs that teach people to train other Natives in proper exercise and healthy lifestyles.

Today, NAFC has educated — and inspired — thousands of individuals to become positive role models in their communities. Our founders and staff are nearly all Native Americans who understand the needs and learning styles of other Native Americans. NAFC has certified fitness trainers throughout the United States from the Seminole of Florida to the small Northwest & Alaskan tribes...from the Passamaquoddy of Maine to the Apache of the Southwest...and a whole lot of tribes in between.

About Us